Sted: Agenda Kompetanse (konsept) Arr: Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge
  • onsdag 11:30 - 12:30
  • Rullestoltilpasset lokale
  • Rullestoltilpasset WC

In this seminar, we will consider the current range of such unauthorised and illegal activities, known in the Cybersecurity community as Stunts.

We will then go on to consider the Actors involved in the Threat Landscape, both the criminal community and those who seek to monitor and police them. This will also introduce a range of regular reports produced by the various Actors seeking to monitor and police cybercriminal activity.

Finally, we will consider various tools, technologies and protocols that can be utilised to provide Defences against cybercriminal activity. This will involve protecting individual, personal and organisational data and assets, in both home and work settings.

While the seminar will use a range of technical language, in English, it is intended as introductory, and therefore does not require any specialist knowledge or expertise within the audience.

Professor Lachlan M. MacKinnon, University of South-Eastern Norway